Bridget Wadzuk






My research is focused on understanding the science behind stormwater control measures (SCMs) to enhance their design and performance. I have active projects on several types of SCMs and concepts. I work as part of the Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership (VUSP).
Quantifying Evapotranspiration in SCMs

This project is a direct result of addressing a need presented by the members of the VUSP. Evapotranspiration is a large part of the hydrologic budget in SCMs, however it is quantitatively ignored from both a design and regulation perspective. The goal is to evaluate the amount of evapotranspiration from four different stormwater control measures.

Funded by the PADEP Growing Greener Program

Dominik Schneider MS Thesis

Constructed Stormwater Wetlands (CSW)

The CSW was reconstructed in summer 2010 to incorporate findings from past CSW research into a new design that can target water quantity and quality goals more directly. improvement within a wetland system.

Funded by PADEP Growing Greener II Program and EPA 319 Program


Implementation and Evaluation of SCMs in Series

This project is a new. We will be designing, installing, and monitoring a series of SCMs (swale, rain garden, and infiltration trench) to assess how these systems work together to improve stormwater quantity and quality.

Funded by PADEP Growing Greener


Carbon Sequestration in SCMs

This project aims to quantify the carbon storage potential within the CSW, rain gardens and turf areas. We are looking at the organic matter and carbon content in the soil at different depths to gather baseline data for monitoring the carbon content and migration through the soil profile.


Phosphorus Retention Optimization Strategies for CSWs

This study looks specifically at the nutrient phosphorus and its mechanisms for removal within a CSW environment. A goal of this research is to determine possible optimization methods for phosphorus retention provided the hydrology, ecology, and geomorphology of the wetland in operation.