Bridget Wadzuk






My teaching philosophy stems from my belief that one’s time at university is an experience where students participate in activities that allow one to accumulate knowledge, skills and perspective. As an educator, it is my responsibility to create an opportunity for an experience to take place in the classroom, laboratory and extracurricular activities, such as service trips, which is done by guiding students through a course and the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) curriculum so they participate in their education and understand the responsibility of their profession. In addition to a student’s academic goals, it is my duty to support a student in their personal goals. (My full Teaching Statement)

Undergraduate Classes

CEE 3107—Mechanics III: Fluid Behavior (this course is formerly CEE 3500 Fluid Mechanics and CEE 3911 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory)

CEE 3511—Hydraulic Engineering and Hydrology

CEE 4521—Water Resources Engineering Design

CEE 4606—Water Resources Capstone Design

CEE 4611—Civil Engineering Service Learning

CEE 4612—CEE Undergraduate Research
HON 5751—EGR/ETH: Transboundary Water Resources

Graduate Classes

CEE 7111—Introduction to Hydraulic Engineering and Hydrology

CEE 8503—Open Channel Hydraulics*

CEE 8507—Environmental Fluids*

CEE 9030s—Thesis Research
*classes with an additional distance education section